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What are your needs?
• An efficient dialer and flexible sales support?
• Simple and flexible contact system in the cloud?
• Tailor-made solution for comprehensive customer service in all channels?
• Efficient technology for telemarketing and contact centers?
• Opportunity to work from home easily and efficiently?
• An interface that makes everyday life a little more fun?
• A safe hand to hold?


Loxysoft joins forces with LeadDesk

Loxysoft will begin a new chapter in the Nordic contact center software industry by merging with the Finnish contact center software provider LeadDesk.

Our solutions


Omnichannel contact center in the cloud. Customer service done quickly and easily.

Inbound Contact Center

For those who want more advanced options in your customer service solution and customizations at a more detailed level

Outbound Contact Center

For those who run telemarketing and need an efficient dialer and flexible sales support

We also offer


The interface that gives you full control and makes coaching very easy.


User-friendly and intuitive tool that simplifies workforce management and forecasts.

Speech analysis via AI

New method for systematically learning from the content of a conversation.

Our solutions are integrated with the following systems:

Chat, e-mail and social media

Link Mobility
SMS and customer surveys

Microsoft Dynamics
CRM and case management

Gamification and visualization


CRM and case management

Chatbot and AI

After nine months, we had recouped our investment. We chose Workforce Management because it is a flexible system from a supplier that has short decision pathways and listens to its users.

— Anette Lahti, CEO and owner of K2C

SOS Barnbyar Sverige

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We have experts in all of our business areas who are ready to assist you in creating world class customer contacts.


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