Tobias Sjölander

Chief Executive Officer

Tobias is an entrepreneur who has started several companies in the Telemarketing- and Call Center industries. He is the innovator behind Scandinavia’s leading dialer and the winner of many industry awards.

Tel. +46 63-57 46 19

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Emma Skygebjerg

Chief Partnership Strategy Officer

Emma has ran Workforce Management companies in Gothenburg for many years, in addition to having sold workforce management software across the globe. Emma started the Loxysoft office in New York in 2016, and is globally responsible for our partner sales.

Tel. +46 31 340 25 33

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Jesper Gran

Executive Vice President

Jesper has worked with the development of ideas and concepts within the Telemarketing- and Call Center industries for many years. With an eye for progression, but also for orderliness, Jesper’s focus is the future of Loxysoft.

Tel. +46 63-57 46 14

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Haakon Smeby

Chief Sales Officer

Haakon has developed products and concepts for the Customer Service Industry over many years. He was an important contributor building the company «Dolphin» in Norway, which became an important part of Loxysoft during the acquisitions in 2014. Haakon is responsible for direct sales in the Nordics.

Tel. +47 22 78 09 74

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Johan Svedberg

Chief Financial Officer

Johan is an Economist with experience from both the public and private sectors. He is used to dealing with big accounts and makes sure that the economic control at Loxysoft functions optimally.

Tel. +46 63-663 50 83

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Mille Bessö

Chief Technology Officer

Mille has managed development teams and produced software for different industries since the mid 90s. He has an eye for agile development and user-frendliness.

Tel. +46 63-57 46 16

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Stefan Forsell

Chief Customer Officer

Stefan has worked with customer relations for many years and has a good understanding for the customers needs. His education as a systems engineer makes him perfect for running our Contact Center where a tech skilled group works with high customer focus. Stefan has the overall responsibility for our customer relations.

Tel. +46703209000

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