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Optimize your staffing

Optimize your staffing

ProScheduler WFM improves your customer experience, saves administrative time and reduces over- and understaffing. With our system you will meet your company’s service targets and can present valuable reports to the management. 


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ProScheduler WFM

We are convinced that the user friendliness has a strong impact on the results in the scheduling process. An intuitive tool where you as a user really understand what you are doing provides a greater chance for better and more effective forecasting and scheduling. We have therefore created a tool where you and your team, regardless of background, will be able to understand and benefit from all of the advantages that workforce management entails. We also believe in a close cooperation with our customers for finding solutions and settings that are optimal for the unique operations of every customer. This distinguishes us from many of our industry colleagues and we are proud of being able to offer a close dialogue with our customers. What ProScheduler WFM achieves is an optimization of your employees’ working hours. This benefits the company, you as a manager and your employees. ProScheduler is a complete and robust scheduling and time reporting tool. You can optimize the tool based on your particular needs with various optional reports. Our customers praise ProScheduler for its user friendliness. Everyone understands the system and setting up queues, preparing forecasts and starting new projects goes quickly. Normally, you recoup your investment within seven months.

Creates a schedule optimized for the business in just a few minutes

Contains reports and analyses to monitor service levels, attendance and other KPIs in real time

Employees can themselves submit requests to change shifts with colleagues

Employees can submit requests for leave and vacation

Time reporting is linked with the schedule and integrated with all regular payroll systems

Manages collective agreements and work rules, allowing you to create a good balance for your employees

Management of attendance and schedule compliance

One of the greatest challenges of workforce management is calculating and taking absences into account, as well as following up on attendance and schedule compliance. Even if the schedule is perfectly designed, tools are needed that ensure that the staff actually follows it. Otherwise, the positive effect will not be realized. ProScheduler WFM offers tools to monitor attendance and schedule compliance both during the day and summarized for various time intervals. This gives you control and the possibility of individual follow-up. ProScheduler also provides you the opportunity to create attendance forecasts based on historical absences. It is then possible to predict absences for various intervals and different periods, to ensure that you schedule enough staff to cover the service targets.

ProScheduler WFM Addons

Call Traffic Report

Call Traffic Report is a report package with informative statistics compilations that provide a quick overview of the operations. Read more

The reports combine data from both the phone system and Loxysoft Workforce Management, which provides valuable information on forecasts in relation to outcome, service level, dropped calls and cost and revenue estimates for the operations.


Agent Performance Report

Agent Performance Report provides an opportunity to follow up performance at the agent level. Read more

The report shows the time the agents were logged in to the exchange, were available for calls and how much time they talked on the phone. The report shows if the agents follow their schedule and if they arrived late or left early. Agent Performance Report is a valuable tool in the coaching of staff.


Real Time Adherence Report

Real Time Adherence Report shows information in real time on schedule compliance and call traffic. Read more

A team leader can follow up on-going activities, see the number of logged-in agents, the number of agents available for calls and the number of agents scheduled. The report shows status for each agent and an overview broken down by team or queue. Real Time Adherence gives you an opportunity to follow up on staff in real time and ensure that they follow their schedule.



TimeBar is a real time application for the agents where the schedule is shown and the agent can get reminders when it is time to change tasks, take a break, log out, etc. Read more

The agents can also monitor their availability and call handling time over the day and see an overview of the staffing at the contact center. In the TimeBar, there is also a chat function for communication between agents and team leaders.



TimeWeb is a portal for the agents where they can see their schedules online, apply for available shifts that the scheduler published, change shifts with colleagues and submit applications for leave and change their availability. Read more

There is also a possibility to publish the agents’ schedules in the application.


Advanced Targeting & Simulation

Advanced Targeting & Simulation gives you the possibility to create multiple versions and scenarios of your forecast to test various outcomes and see how your staffing needs may change. Read more

Here, you can also create forecasts of various kinds of absences and drop-outs, so-called “shrinkage”, based on historical volumes of absences. This gives you a clearer picture of what the scheduling should look like to take into consideration planned and unplanned absences. The simulation functions give you a possibility to make service level simulations on the set schedule, and calculate overflow volumes per queue.


Management Reports

With Management Report, you get cost reports for schedules based on wage costs for the staff. Read more

You can see budget costs for a set schedule or a specific schedule period all the way down to a monthly basis. Management Report also includes reports for absences and vacation days and you can manage vacation balances for the staff.


Training Planner

Training planner is a tool to efficiently schedule courses for the staff. Read more

Here, training plans can be set up with various stages, to then link staff to the different stages. Training Planner provides a very general view of completed and planned training upon new hires and further education of the staff.



Traceability provides the possibility of tracing scheduling changes with information about who made the change and when it was made. Read more

Traceability also contains a version management of changes, and it is possible to back up to an earlier version of a shift.


Time Manager (connection to your payroll system)

Time Manager is a time reporting module linked to your payroll system. Read more

It automates the entire process with time and attendance information and calculates finished wage types that are then exported directly into the payroll system. It is an excellent tool to get control over hours worked and with Time Manager as an add-on to Loxysoft Workforce Management, a system is created that manages the entire process from forecast to wage calculation.