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Inbound Contact Center

The contact center that sees your needs.

With more than 20 years’ experience and development, we know what is important in a contact center. In order for your company to be able to provide professional customer service, you need a contact center that is adapted to the target group, the customer and your strategy. This is our starting point when we create the best solution for your company.

Why choose Loxysofts Inbound Contact Center?
  • Optimize your resources
  • Extremely flexible
  • Supports all relevant standards
  • Can be integrated with CRM-systems
  • We listen to your specific needs.

Reliable customer service in multiple channels

Inbound Contact Center fits companies that need professional handling of customer service in several channels with the possibility of adaptation down to the detailed level. Today, we have customers that use Inbound Contact Center with everything from 10 to 1,000 agents. Loxysoft Inbound Contact Center lets your company take customer service seriously and manages the customers in multiple channels in a flexible, stable and reliable way.


Customized agent

The agent application is developed so that each department or agent has a customized user interface. With the built-in script tools, a customized environment is created so that the agent will be able to work efficiently. Settings can be adjusted down to a detailed level, such as placing the buttons where they best fit for the agent.


Large-screen display of real-time data

Live view

A visualization tool that shows relevant data on a large screen or on a single computer. The module is web based and can be reached anywhere you have access to the Internet. The information is customized to your company’s needs and the module also permits data from sources other than the Inbound Contact Center to be displayed.

Voice recognition


IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Plus is integrated into our solution and is used to identify and collect data on the customer to put him or her in the right queue.

With IVR Plus, the customer can get help at any time of the day through self-service solutions. Today, IVR Plus manages 500,000 calls a day, mainly in the banking and insurance sectors.


One of Loxysoft’s important cooperative partners is Scrive, which developed a service for electronic signing.
According to lawyers, it is just as secure as a physical signature. Scrive’s service is now a fully integrated part of Loxysoft Outbound Contact Center. This means that an agent can send an agreement for signing straight to a customer by e-mail or text message. You yourself choose whether you want to just use E-sign or you can offer the customers a choice between E-sign and a voice recording. (Scrive saves its data in the cloud within the EU).

Follow up with reports!

Loxysoft Inbound Contact Center is delivered with standard reports. Depending on your needs, the standard reports can be configured and extra reports can be ordered. The reports can be customized and provide information on agents, performance, queues and service levels, among other things. With a simple setting, the reports are automatically sent out by e-mail.

Agent report

Provides information on how each individual agent (or team) performs. It shows the number of answered requests, processing time, time spent logging in and out, efficiency, breaks, and a full overview of both inbound and outbound calls.

Queue report

Designed to see how traffic is handled in a specific queue. It shows the total number of requests and the extent to which they are processed, the number of requests that are either responded or that disappear, and the average waiting times.