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Fast and logical workforce management

- ProScheduler is a fast and user-friendly system. It feels logical and it’s easy to use without having too much pre-knowledge. And it is simple, so simple. Still, there is incredibly much you can do if you want,” says Karolin Eckberg, workforce manager at Releasy.

Releasy offers customer service and outbound sales services to companies within the telecommunications and newspaper industry. They have been using ProScheduler for three years, and manage about 600 people. Karolin and her boss, Linda Svensson, describe ProScheduler as a simple tool to use, but like with all other workforce management programs, you have to know specifically what you want out of the system.

– To be successful, you need to work with forecasts, have thought out things in advance and made the correct settings. Otherwise, you won’t get out of the system what you really want and need. That applies to all workforce management systems.

Linda Svensson
Workforce Manager at Releasy.

Karolin and Linda argue that the most important component of good workforce management is to know their needs.

– We build forecasts based on the needs we have. If we get incorrect numbers, it won’t be good. Thus, a good tool is very important and we constantly strive to use the resources we have in the most efficient way possible, says Linda Svensson.

When asked whether Releasy, during their three years of using ProScheduler, has contributed to the development of the tool, Linda and Karolin both laugh.

– We have probably been a little difficult, because we have had many demands and wishes along the way. But we have always seen so much potential in this tool, says Karolin Eckerbert.

– That’s exactly what we ask of our customers. That they bring their wishes, demands, thoughts and ideas to the table. That’s how ProScheduler has developed into the tool it is today. Thanks to Releasy and other customers who constantly look for needs and opportunities, says Daniel Wilson, Product Manager, Loxysoft.

Releasy has, among other things, proposed the history function, thus being able to see what happened to each shift back in time. At the moment, Releasy and Loxysoft are collaborating on something they call the red line, where you can see how the workforce looks like when it comes to each specific skill.


– The collaboration is super important. One of the reasons why we switched systems was because we didn’t get any response when trying to influence the program we previously used. It has been such a huge difference working with Loxysoft. We have gotten through many requests and wishes. In addition, the support is very good, we only need to make a simple phone call to get help from people who are involved, quick, and able to act directly, says Linda Svensson.