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Great Numbers For ProScheduler Users

The American company DirectBuy expanded the size of their contact center, going from 25 to 200 employees in just one year. At the same time, they reduced their answering time for all incoming calls from 2,5 minutes to 37 seconds.

DirectBuy was formerly an interior retail store, but when they discovered the rising trend of online shopping, they decided to make a huge change. Out of their 170 preexisting retail stores, they have none left today. Instead, they have a contact center with over 200 employees. In this transformation, Loxysoft’s ProScheduler has played an important part.


– As an American, I picked out three American workforce management tools and had these demonstrated. Loxysoft’s ProScheduler showed up as an outsider and I chose to look at that as well. I immediately realized that this was the one I needed. I was impressed by the simple yet complete system that ProScheduler is, says Dave Sturgill, Director of Contact Center Operations at DirectBuy.


DirectBuy’s prerequisites was to keep all their employees from their days in retail, which meant that no one in Dale’s team had experience with workforce management. Thus, his colleagues had to learn a completely new tool, as well as the art of workforce management.


– That’s why it was so important to have a system that is easy to use. With ProScheduler, it’s quick to extract the data you need, and with only a couple of mouse clicks you can forecast and staff in the best way possible. We also needed a flexible system that could easily develop alongside with us, and ProScheduler has been just that, Dale says.


DirectBuy began using ProScheduler in March of 2016. At that point, the average answering time was 2,5 minutes. Dale thought this was far too long for an online store. A year later the answering time was down to 37 seconds.


– Today we are doing more affairs with less agents. We have historical data to work with, we have a workforce manager who knows what he is doing, and we have integrated all our daily work in ProScheduler. We plan everything: lunches, breaks, vacations, to ensure more efficiency in our workforce.


DirectBuy has gotten their investment returned many times with ProScheduler.


– The fact that we today have 30 less agents than we did in the start-up phase means that we are on the plus side, Dave Sturgill says.