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Here you will find the latest news, trends and our own views of the field.


Loxynews is our forum

We want to spread knowledge, news and trends

Loxynews is our forum for spreading knowledge, news and trends from the industry we work in. With 25 years of experience as a company, and over 100 employees in Scandinavia, the United States and Europe, we know what we’re talking about. At last, we have found the place to convey this. We are starting now, and we hope that there is an interest in what we have to say. If you want to comment on or respond to something we share, please feel free to do so through LinkedIn or Facebook.


To start Loxynews off, Emma Skygebjerg will tell you about recent industry trends she discovered during her time in New York. Emma started up our office on Manhattan and lived there for some time. Read her article on industry trends and find out what we can expect in the future.


We have also released information on how we want to work with return calls. Or rather, how we want our customers to work with return calls to do better business and increase profitability. Jesper Sjölander has written an article on just that.


One of our customers in workforce management is Releasy. We asked them what they think of the tool ProScheduler and received some honest answers from their workforce managers, Linda and Karolin. Read more.


So, get ready! Loxynews delivers knowledge, news and trends in workforce management, customer service and telemarketing.