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Loxysoft joins forces with LeadDesk

Loxysoft will begin a new chapter in the Nordic contact center software industry by merging with the Finnish contact center software provider LeadDesk.

LeadDesk is a listed Finnish customer service and sales software company. Together, we will be a strong Nordic provider of inbound and outbound contact center systems, with an unbeatable combination of technical know-how, industry knowledge and local presence.

”We are very happy to start creating the supplier of the future for high-volume sales and customer service. By offering the best from both Loxysoft and LeadDesk, we will be able to help our customers in their daily work and also create the future by leading the cloud adoption for sales and customer service in Europe”, rejoices Tobias Sjölander, CEO of Loxysoft AB.

As a current Loxysoft or LeadDesk customer, your service will continue unchanged.

The merger is expected to be finalized by the end of 2020. Read the full details from press release.