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Our employees

Get to know some of the incredible minds behind Loxysoft!

Some of our employees

Anders Widell

Service Center Operator

+46 63-18 34 40

Benedicte Rønneberg

Key Account Manager


Björn Bylander

System Architect


Bran De Watcher

Service Center Operator

+46 63-18 34 40

Christian Nyegaard

Project Manager

Daniel Sandgren

System Developer

Daniel Westerberg

System Developer

Elise Reboli

Marketing Consultant


Filip Blomberg

Haakon Smeby

Chief Sales Officer

+47 22 78 09 74

Hampus Alenryd

Service Center Operator

Hampus Forsberg

Service Center Operator Sweden

+46 63-18 34 40

Jesper Gran

Chief Product Officer

Jesper Sjölander

VP Sales Sweden

Johan Svedberg

chief financial officer

+46 63-663 50 83

Kim Hovgaard

Service Center Operator

+47 22 78 09 10


Leonard Paulsson

Service Center Operator

Marcus Carlsson

Project Manager

Marcus Erkenstam

Chief Technology Officer

+46 63-663 50 45

Marcus Strandberg

UX Designer

Mari Eriksson

Project Manager

Mario Turpini

Junior Account Manager

Rickard Jonsson

Service Center Operator

Rickard Magnusson

VP Customer Service Sweden

+46 63-663 5064


Rune Wiik

VP Developement Norway


Stefan Forsell

Chief Customer Officer


Tobias Sjölander

Chief Executive Officer

+46 63-57 46 19