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Our story

Loxysoft is a leading provider of systems for Contact Center, Telemarketing and Workforce Management. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, we offer robust, enterprise-class solutions, scalable from small to large businesses with omnichannel and multisite environments. We empower companies and organizations to succeed with world class customer service and sales!

Loxysoft has 60 employees in three locations; Stockholm, Oslo and Östersund. The headquarters is located in Östersund, Sweden. The company is owned by the founders, and the venture capital fund Inlandsinnovation, owned by the Swedish government.

Our history: An idea grows forth

It is the late 1990s and Tobias Sjölander is sitting in the Jämtland village Stavre with his telemarketing company Telab. Every night, he copies pages out of the phone book that he hands out to his 30 salesmen who sit in the Stavre school and make calls. They mark green for those who want to buy and red for those who do not want to buy. It works, but the curious Tobias Sjölander has heard about a predictive dialer, something that exists in the U.S.

He leases a dialer, which proves to be a lift for Telab and Swedish call center operations. When the company that owns the dialer goes bankrupt in 2001, Tobias starts Loxysoft together with Björn Bylander, Martin Lund and Håkan Sjölander and together they build their own dialer. When other companies see how well it is going for Telab, they want to use the same system and soon Loxysoft has launched its first product in the market and the customers flood in.

Enthusiasts become pros

The business concept developed quickly and sales doubled every year. In 2006, Loxysoft was named the IT company of the year and was named a gazelle in 2008. The company had sales of around SEK 40 million, but still had a flat organization without departments. They were a gang of enthusiasts. To handle the rapid growth in the company, management created a clearer and more well-conceived organization, and began to look at other products in the same segment. In 2010, Loxysoft developed its own activity-controlled CRM tool, Loxysoft Flow.

Rapid growth through acquisitions

The subsidiary Loxytel was born out of a napkin sketch where Tobias Sjölander described his needs and Daniel Wilson created the solution. Having its own phone operator as a subsidiary provided security. In 2013, talks began with Norwegian Dolphin, a company that was market leading in inbound telephony, which complemented Loxysoft’s expertise in outbound telephony. Dolphin had also recently bought the Gothenburg company ProScheduler, experts at workforce management. The comprehensive solution that would be created through Dolphin, ProScheduler and Loxysoft’s products was a winning strategy. In autumn 2014, Dolphin was acquired and Loxysoft went from 40 to 100 employees. Loxysoft’s contact center offering became complete and the market is growing from the Nordic region out into the world. There are now offices in Sweden, Norway and the U.S.

The customer always in focus

Today, we find major banks, insurance companies and market leading telemarketing companies in Loxysoft’s customer portfolio. Customers are on every continent and the growth journey is continuing. Although the little Swedish company has now grown out to an international market, it still retains some important values: The flexible approach and the personal touch are still the key to success. Loxysoft works every day to make it possible for all of its customers to provide world class customer service and sales.

”We empower companies and organizations to succeed with world class customer service and sales”