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Outbound Contact Center

A dialer that does the job for you

Telemarketing requires secure systems, developed through experience and knowledge. Here at Loxysoft, we have been developing our solutions for more than 25 years, and thus have one of the market's most sought after dialers. Loxysoft Outbound Contact Center will streamline your sales organization.

Why choose Loxysofts Outbound Contact Center?
  • Quick start-up
  • All modules included in price
  • Extremely reliable and safe - we work weekends and nights to ensure that the systems work smoothly!
  • Lets you customize your own reports and campaigns
  • Can be integrated with other systems
  • User-friendly system

What is a dialer?

A dialer puts the outgoing calls in a queue, and makes sure your sales skyrocket. Our dialer is the market leader in Sweden, and has been developed for over 16 years - by sellers, for sellers.

Digital signatures

We have the solutions in place that ensure digital signatures. Choose the solution that suits you best:

E-sign: (Scrive)

Scrive is an important partner to us. With digital signature you will be able to invite the customer to sign a document sent as a link via SMS or email. The customer will then be able to see the agreement and follow the instructions to sign it.

SMS notifications

We have a separate SMS module included in Outbound Contact Center. This allows the agent to send a text message with a dynamic content from the customer card, where the customer is informed of the purchase and is prompted to confirm it. The administrator has an overview of all sent text messages and can see which ones are sent and should be manually authenticated if the answer is not validated.


Call-backs as a sales factor

Can increase productivity with 90%

26 percent of all unanswered sales calls call back to the missed number. Virtually all contact centers have voicemail for inbound telephony. At Loxysoft, an inbound queue is included in all outbound projects. You control these queues yourself in terms of applicable skills of the sales agent and opening hours. The hit rate on the inbound calls is higher than the first outbound calls. There is thereby a chance to maximize your sales.

Compete for success

Integration med salesscreen

SalesScreen gamification makes it easier to reach set targets, have fun at work and provide recognition when an agent does well. Through SalesScreen, the points the employees earn are visualized. With a set budget, you can follow the road to the target in real time and along the way, the sales agents can be promoted and get medals. Our measurements show that 34 percent more information is registered when gamification is used and sales increase markedly.

Voicemail filtering

No more voicemails

Voicemails can be a big brake block that can slowen the pace in a seller's workflow, reducing efficiency. Loxysoft's dialer automatically filters 95 percent of all voicemails, letting the seller focus on doing their actual job.

Give the coach full control


Through our new real-time tool, Playbook, you now get full control of your contact center. Through user-friendly “cards” that you add on to your screen, you will see all work in real time. This will help you encourage and challenge your employees, as well as detect and solve problems immediately when they occur.