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Simplest system for customer service.

A true cloud solution with simple scalability that supports your business processes. You can gather all channels in one place and 99.9% uptime is guaranteed.


ProConnect’s functions – what are your needs?

Our team of experts would like to help you put together your perfect solution! They will be with you throughout the process to make sure everything works flawlessly, and to further customize the solution (if you wish, of course!). Do it yourself or choose one of our three service packages - with a guaranteed delivery time.
From NOK 149, - per user / month
  • SIP Account
  • Browser-based
From NOK 390,- per user / month
  • Telephony contact center
From NOK 890, - per user / month
  • Omni-channel contact center
  • Custom integrations
  • API access

Choose the starter kit that suits you best

Standard startup package
  • Half day workshop
  • Call flow configuration
  • Configuration of routing and agents
  • Test and acceptance
  • Training
  • Guaranteed delivery time within 1 month
20.000 NOK
Extended startup package
  • Standard startup package
  • Configuration of pop-up windows and up to 2 standard CRM integrations
  • Configuration of optimized business process
  • Guaranteed delivery time within 2 months
40.000 NOK
Customized startup package
  • Custom implementation project, defined by your needs
  • Dedicated project manager and technical project group
  • Project plan with scope of work
  • Price and estimated delivery time are agreed case-by-case

Why ProConnect?

Connects all channels in one

ProConnect makes your conversations flow seamlessly through all channels. The result is an integrated, seamless and personal omnichannel experience for you and your customers.

Simple scalability with endless potential

Whether you are a small team with a couple of agents, or a large family of hundreds – our systems are auto-scale up and down, so you’ll never have to worry about that.

99.9% uptime guaranteed

We know that time can’t be wasted. That’s why we have built our platform on the most stable platform the net has to offer.

Quick start-up

We can get you started within minutes! A complete contact center can be configured in just one day.

Support for your business processes

Using our APIs, ProConnect will support and optimize your business processes through integrations with your customer or case management system.

A true cloud solution

ProConnect is built on the latest technology, designed for cloud security and scalability, with unlimited users, menus, queues and extensions. Your data is safe with us, and we always ensure you’re compliant with GDPR.


We guarantee to help you!

Even though the system is easy to use and built for self-service, we know that sometimes, you will need a helping hand and an expert you can trust.

At Loxysoft, we guarantee that you will get the help you need – whenever you need it.

Thus, the easy system will never limit the growth of your contact center.


Give the coach full control


Through our new real-time tool, Playbook, you now get full control of your contact center. Through user-friendly “cards” that you add on to your screen, you will see all work in real time. This will help you encourage and challenge your employees, as well as detect and solve problems immediately when they occur.

Read more about what you can do with Playbook

Satisfied agents

• Work anywhere: ProConnect only requires an internet connection so you can work where it suits you and your needs best.

• All the features you need, in one and the same client.

• The system is built so the agent can focus on the customer and the dialogue, instead of the system.

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Our customer service promise

We are here for you. Therefore we can guarantee:

  • Including customer support, guaranteed within the next working day
  • Drop-in orders for paid professional services of up to one hour. Guaranteed help within two working days
  • For our Enterprise customers: Your own personal technical advisor

Easy workforce management

User-friendly workforce management makes everyday life easier for everyone. Managers and coaches can streamline the workflow, and employees can be involved and influence their work situation. ProScheduler WFM is designed so that you and your team can understand and benefit from all the benefits of workforce management.