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ProScheduler WFM

Easy planning and forecasts

We are convinced that the user friendliness has a strong impact on the results in the scheduling process. An intuitive tool where you as a user really understand what you are doing provides a greater chance for better and more effective forecasting and scheduling. We have therefore created a tool where you and your team, regardless of background, will be able to understand and benefit from all of the advantages that workforce management entails.

Why choose ProScheduler WFM?
  • Efficient planning reduces over- and understaffing Ease of use saves administrative time
  • You increase productivity
  • At the same time, employee engagement and satisfaction increase
  • We guarantee a smooth implementation process with fast returns
  • The system provides valuable KPI reports and forecasts

Optimize your schedule within minutes


The cutting edge optimization optimized schedules within minutes. Intraday adjustments and single day reoptimization are easily made to handle unexpected events such as absences or changes in call volume. also recommend the most suitable time for meetings and trainings, taking into account the scheduled shifts and the target curve at different times of the day.


Predict any future scenario


ProScheduler has a truly user-friendly forecasting module that offers various settings to achieve accurate forecasts for each unique operation and channel. Multiple versions of the forecast can be produced in order to analyze staffing needs for different scenarios.


Tools for the agents


TimeWeb is a web interface for agents to view their schedules online, communicate availability and send in requests on timeoff and for shift bidding. An optional feature is the shift swap, allowing agents to swap shifts with each other, given that they have comparable skills. The agent’s schedules can also be published in alternative applications such as Outlook, iCal, Google, Android and iPhone.

Follow up with detailed reports

Agents performance

The Agent Performance Report is a valuable tool for analyzing contact center and individual agent performance, for coaching and calculating performance based bonuses.

Call traffic

The Call Traffic Report is a comprehensive report package generating informative statistics by handling data from ProScheduler and the telephone system.

Management report

The management report presents cost reports for schedules based on payroll. The management report presents the budget cost for a planned schedule, a planning period, or a month.

Control of current affairs

A perfect tool to keep control of worked time. TimeManager automates the process of managing time attendance, and enable transfers of calculated payment codes to the system.

Surveillance in real-time


Playbook is a real time monitoring tool customized with different views for real time data on agent statuses, occupancy and adherence. The data is presented both graphically and in numbers. Team leaders can easily follow up on current activities, such as the number of agents logged on, available, and on occupancy and adherence in percentage for a specific workgroup or for the entire contact center.